Friday, 23 October 2009

Nick Griffin: Indigenous Brit?

One of my little rants I'm afraid...

I was, like many others I assume, watching the 'Question Time' debate last night (22/10/09) which was historic in the fact that it was the first time the BNP has been included on the guest panel.

The BNP representative was the parties leader, Nick Griffin, who cites that he is standing up for the rights of the native, indigenous Brits - who, by his own words, are the people who have been settled in the British Isles for upward of 17,000 years.

Now without looking into research of the actual indigenous peoples of the UK, I think most of us would agree that this would involve Celts to a greater proportion. Now I know that a lot of people understand that the dominant hair colour gene within the celts was blonde... So my question is - Just how indigenous is this voice for the native peoples of Britain (who by the way has very dark black hair, with a little grey), whoever they are?

Now, I personally have nothing against letting the BNP onto the show, as lots of people seem to be kicking up a fuss about it. The fact is, we do have a tradition in this country of freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, as long as they don't infringe other peoples rights. I think it was quite right of the BBC (which is something you wont often hear me say) to invite them onto the show.

At the end of the day, all Mr Griffin did last night was show that he makes up his own facts to support his political agenda and alienated himself further from the vast majority of the population through his outmoded views of race, homosexuality and various other views.

I think that it is quite obvious that the 5.4% rise in the BNP voter support stems more from the general disillusionment of the public over the main three parties over the recession and expenses scandal, as well as some tension that some people feel over mass immigration, which may or may not be getting out of control. That's for the voting public to decide on next year really.

One last thing though. Is it not quite sad that it took the BBC inviting Mr Griffin onto a flagship political show, for a mass public outcry against the BNP rather than them actually getting more votes. Is this the general public of this country saying 'its okay for them to be voted into local councils, government & the European stage... as long as we don't really hear about it on TV'...?

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