Friday, 23 October 2009

Nick Griffin: Indigenous Brit?

One of my little rants I'm afraid...

I was, like many others I assume, watching the 'Question Time' debate last night (22/10/09) which was historic in the fact that it was the first time the BNP has been included on the guest panel.

The BNP representative was the parties leader, Nick Griffin, who cites that he is standing up for the rights of the native, indigenous Brits - who, by his own words, are the people who have been settled in the British Isles for upward of 17,000 years.

Now without looking into research of the actual indigenous peoples of the UK, I think most of us would agree that this would involve Celts to a greater proportion. Now I know that a lot of people understand that the dominant hair colour gene within the celts was blonde... So my question is - Just how indigenous is this voice for the native peoples of Britain (who by the way has very dark black hair, with a little grey), whoever they are?

Now, I personally have nothing against letting the BNP onto the show, as lots of people seem to be kicking up a fuss about it. The fact is, we do have a tradition in this country of freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, as long as they don't infringe other peoples rights. I think it was quite right of the BBC (which is something you wont often hear me say) to invite them onto the show.

At the end of the day, all Mr Griffin did last night was show that he makes up his own facts to support his political agenda and alienated himself further from the vast majority of the population through his outmoded views of race, homosexuality and various other views.

I think that it is quite obvious that the 5.4% rise in the BNP voter support stems more from the general disillusionment of the public over the main three parties over the recession and expenses scandal, as well as some tension that some people feel over mass immigration, which may or may not be getting out of control. That's for the voting public to decide on next year really.

One last thing though. Is it not quite sad that it took the BBC inviting Mr Griffin onto a flagship political show, for a mass public outcry against the BNP rather than them actually getting more votes. Is this the general public of this country saying 'its okay for them to be voted into local councils, government & the European stage... as long as we don't really hear about it on TV'...?

Please keep any comments respectful.


Friday, 7 August 2009

Web Rings

The ARPE is now linked into several web rings all pagan in theme.

This, as I am sure you can imagine should mean that more people can stumble into the welcoming arms of ARPE.

I think that this should work both ways though, so if you enjoy looking round at the emporium, then after your done browsing, how about heading to the web ring link at the bottom of every page and having a look around at some of the other pagan sites that are connected?

Monday, 13 July 2009

New Flat

Well, what a busy week.

We have frantically been moving all of our worldly possessions accross London, car load by car load!

We started last Saturday (4th) and finally got the last car load unpacked last night (11th)! Now all I have to do is drive back to the old flat and clean it! Urghh.

On a plus side, My GF got the O2 Mobile Broadband Dongle working on my laptop (the one we bought it for & the only computer it wouldnt work on! Check out her blog, I bet she will be posting a tutorial about it cause she was really excited when it finally worked!).

Oh well, Back in to the car for another extreemly boring two hours (14 miles) drive!!!

Hopfully get back to crafting some stuff soon.


Saturday, 27 June 2009


I was recently asked these questions on a pagan forum. These were my answers.

1. Why don't you push your religion like Christians and Muslims do?
I dont believe that it is my duty to convert people to paganism. If someone wants to know more and learn from my beliefs then they have only to ask.

2. Why do you think Christians burned pagan literature and murdered pagans throughout history?
To strike fear into the hearts of the "heathens" and "barbarians" so that all would see the way of thier one true god.

3. Why do you think the men of the Bible are considered heroes for murdering pagans?
For the same way that we see the police as heros when they catch a serial killer, or mugger. We have been taught that murder, violence and stealing is morally wrong, therefore any one who stops this from happening is a hero.

4. Is sex immoral, as well as homosexuality? Please explain why.
No. We are all animals at the end of the day. Just because we see ourselves to he higher than other species doesn't stop that fact. We need to have sex to reproduce or we would simply cease to be. As for homosexuality, that is found within the natural world as well. As are several sexual fetishes that we as a culture regard as taboo.

5. Why do you think Christians are against anal sex and oral sex?
My understanding of the christian faith is rather limited. I would assume it is becuase both of these acts of sex would be regarded as a submissive act.
I would personally see them both as a position of power. With oral sex, you can have a greater control over your partners climax.

6. Explain what happens to us when we die.
I believe that we are all part of a cycle. If this is a metaphysical or a physical cycle I am not sure. Maybe we are re-incarnated or our souls move onto another form. Maybe our remains decay and provide the earth with energy, which then feeds the circle of life all over again.

7. Is it against the pagan belief system to marry an atheist?
Paganism is an umberella term. It doesn't signify any particular belief system. It is sometimes a way of life. There are little, if any rules dictated to most pagans. Therefore no, it is fine to marry an atheist, or a jew, muslim, catholic, protistant, mormon, etc... As long as they will have you. Love is what matters.

8. Can you think of one original thing Jesus ever said which wasn't already said in paganism?
I am nowhere near qualified to answer this question correctly. However, does it really matter if someone said it already or not? I mean the message is basically the same, is it not? Love, respect, etc...

9. Why do you think Christians stole your holidays?
Why wouldnt they? They all make sence. The Pagan festivals were all there for a reason. From study of seasonal changes and harvest rotations. Early pagans observed the cycle of nature and celebrated it with the festivals. Christians came along and adapted them a little to fit in with their rhetoric making it less of a culture shock for pagans to convert to christianity.

10. If you were hanging over a cliff and in your left hand a Christian was dangling, and in your right is an atheist, which one of them would you let go? If you don't let go of one of them, all three of you will die.
I would have to ask myself why all three of us find ourselves in this situation. All life is precious to me, but when it is time for it to end there is very little I can do about it. I have not decision over the matter. I wouldn't drop either of them intentionally regardless of race, religion or creed. If we can die together, maybe it is possible to live together.

11. What are your views on abortion and capital punishment and why?
I dont agree or disagree with it. I do believe that it is a womans choice. Women have been aborting their pregnecies since the dawn of civilisation. Im all for it being some what safer, put it that way!

12. Why does Christianity seem so similar to older pagan religions?
Because for the most part it is build on the foundations of the old religions. There is no such thing as a completely new religion.

13. What is the difference between a pagan and a fluffy bunny?
One is someone that either believes in some nature based religion or way of life, the other is something cute and cuddly.

14. How does one go about becoming a pagan?
Forget all about dogma. Feel what is true within yourself. Watch what the natural world is showing you. If you find the divine then that is good for you. If not then you can still live in harmony with your surroundings.

15. Did you originally grow up in a Christian home?
Not particularly. I grew up in a christian school, even though it was a secular state school, 3 out of the 4 school assemblys each week we conducted by either a preacher or contained a christian theme.

16. Explain the attributes of your God or Gods, if you have more than one.
I have far to many deitys to list the attributes of them. But you can see them by observing every natural force around you. Each one is a god in their own right.

17. If you had to choose a religion outside of paganism, which would it be and why?
I would not abandon my beliefs. They are all I have. They are what make me, me.

18. Would nature feel any remorse for your suffering and death?
No it wouldnt. I wouldn't want it to. Nature would be glad that I am giving back all that I have respectfully taken.

19. What would it take to go against your own moral code and principles?
I dont know the answer to that question. I would like to think that nothing could. But I couldn't guarentee that.

20. Would you give up your entire belief system if, in return, there would be world peace?
That depends on what would replace my belief system and what would be regarded as peace. I personally consider peace to be highly overrated. More than peace is needed really.

New American Outlet

As some of the more astute of you may have noticed, ARPE is now available on

This should hopfully make it easier for the insurgence of American interest that I have had, to view and purchase as everything is listed in US $. You can still buy there from outside the US but that might incur some exchange rates.

The prices on Etsy are the equivilant to the UK prices, as of the day that each item is listed.

But dont forget that ARPE has its own UK based online stores at both and at the Pagan Emporium which can also be reached by the 'home' button at the top of this page.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

"The Craft" : Quarterly eZine

Hi there friends.

The Pagan Emporium is proud to be a contributer for a new quarterly eZine called The Craft.

It is a arts and crafts mag that is focused on pagan artisans from all areas of the world.

Features include interviews, reviews, tutorials, showcases and news as well as listings for events and festivals.

It is a contribution driven project, where most of the articles are written by the public and submitted, so it is a brilliant opportunity for young writers to get published and artists to be showcased to the world.

I highly recomend that you check out the front page for The Craft which is temporarily located here

The page includes an email link should you be interested in contributing.

Avie Rose.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

UK Handmade

Hi there people.

It turns out that UK Handmade (an online design magazine featuring hand crafty designers) has featured some of my runes and the pendant on their blog.

You can check out the blog here and the UK handmade website here.

Needless to say I am quite chuffed with the feature. Hopefully more and more people will start to see my items.

Avie Rose